Our Mission

Our mission is to build a world where anyone with disability can make high quality music.

We are doing this by facilitating collaboration between aspiring artists with disability and a community of musicians, artists, technologists and disability support personnel who want to help. The end result: the artists are empowered, their quality of life is improved through an integrative social experience and we help give a voice to an often overlooked and underfunded community that will inspire others!

Everyone Has A Song

We believe music is a universal language – a language that allows the expression of emotion and thought to be carried across to any listener, regardless of language, nationality, or system of belief. We also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make the music they want to make despite any physical, cognitive, or even financial barriers.  We believe there’s a deep pool of untapped creative potential and we want to help show the world what people are capable of when they smash their barriers!

The World We Are Building

We envision a world where access to musical expression is universally inclusive and accessible. MWB aims to establish “Music Studios” in major cities around the world. These studios will be hubs for music research, recording, collaboration, learning, development of educational tools and methods, and most importantly the creation of high quality radio-ready music. We envision a world where our Music Studios are more than a simple studio but a community hub, taking on the life of the local community and showcasing the creative potential that exists within the people of that community. We believe that given a space to create, and given the technology to overcome any barriers, together we can make some truly awe-inspiring music.

But it doesn’t stop with the music we make together – we envision a world where these stories are told every day to inspire others to do more and to help other reach beyond their barriers. Music should be shared and heard – Music Without Barriers aims to become a global online hub of music created around the world by artists with disability, and we will tirelessly work to make sure the world hears the great music being made by this community.

Help Us Give Everyone the Chance To Make Great Music!

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