Our Mission

Our mission is to build a world where anyone with disability can make high quality music.

We are doing this by facilitating collaboration between aspiring artists with disability and a community of musicians, artists, technologists and disability support personnel who want to help. The end result: the artists are empowered, their quality of life is improved through an integrative social experience and we help give a voice to an often overlooked and underfunded community that will inspire others!

Everyone Has A Song

We believe music is a universal language – a language that allows the expression of emotion and thought to be carried across to any listener, regardless of language, nationality, or system of belief. We also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make the music they want to make despite any physical, cognitive, or even financial barriers.  We believe there’s a deep pool of untapped creative potential and we want to help show the world what people are capable of when they smash their barriers!

The World We Are Building

We envision a world where access to musical expression is universally inclusive and accessible. MWB aims to establish “Music Studios” in major cities around the world. These studios will be hubs for music research, recording, collaboration, learning, development of educational tools and methods, and most importantly the creation of high quality radio-ready music. We envision a world where our Music Studios are more than a simple studio but a community hub, taking on the life of the local community and showcasing the creative potential that exists within the people of that community. We believe that given a space to create, and given the technology to overcome any barriers, together we can make some truly awe-inspiring music.

But it doesn’t stop with the music we make together – we envision a world where these stories are told every day to inspire others to do more and to help other reach beyond their barriers. Music should be shared and heard – Music Without Barriers aims to become a global online hub of music created around the world by artists with disability, and we will tirelessly work to make sure the world hears the great music being made by this community.

Board of Directors

Adrian Moody

Adrian Moody Co-Founder

Adrian Moody is the Co-Founder of Music Without Barriers. Having learned directly from multi-award winning producer, singer, and songwriter Ashley Ingram, Adrian's work has seen him involved in projects with Deborah Cox, Patti Austin, and upcoming artists from Canada, Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines. From 2010-2012, he was one of the senior production members of the Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration concert at Toronto's prestigious Roy Thompson Hall, where he helped coordinate a show that involved thousands of children from all over the Toronto District School Board and culminate in an 800 student opening performance that garnered media attention from CTV, CBC, and BBC Radio, England. Adrian's skills, experience, network of music professionals and educators, and drive to create a collaborative community of experts is one of the major driving forces behind Music Without Barriers. Adrian holds a Bachelor Health Sciences from Western University.

Adam Haines

Adam Haines Co-Founder

Adam Haines is the Co-Founder of Music Without Barriers.  Adam's passion for the practical application of technology to better lives and his extensive experience working in senior roles at numerous start-ups was the perfect compliment to Adrian’s skills as a music producer.  Adam’s responsibilities have included business operations, project management, security & privacy, product development, marketing and sales for Software-as-a-Service organizations.  Adam has also been an active community volunteer, working on the organizing committee for Toronto’s Walk for MS and as a Member-at-Large on the Advisory Board to the Ontario Engineering Competition, an annual event in which the brightest engineering students across the province compete in diverse categories, from communications to design and innovation. Adam has a B.E.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Western University and is currently the VP, Product Development & Delivery at Industrial Audit Corporation.

Adam Hornung

Adam Hornung Director

Adam Hornung joined Music Without Barriers in the fall of 2015 and brings a financial management and strategy background to the organization. Adam is an Institutional Investment Strategist for Russell Investments’ institutional business. With over a decade of experience, Adam provides analytical and strategic advice to Canadian clients and their investment programs. Many of these clients include non-profit organizations and foundations which require investment and governance expertise to assist with meeting the mission of their organization. Within Russell, Adam represents Canada on the firm’s global Sustainability Council which advocates for and promotes the use of environmental, social and governance factors within an investment framework. Adam has been committed to volunteering within the community for a number of years, from helping deliver successful events for United Way and other national charities, to acting as a driver and delivery person in his spare time for Meals on Wheels. Adam holds a B.Comm from Ryerson University, an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University, and is a CFA charterholder.

Steven Gale

Steven Gale Director

Steven Gale, a lifelong tinkerer and maker, focuses on finding, developing, and integrating new technologies and scientific research into MWB to help individuals of all circumstances make music. Creating an accessible environment for every person to make music requires innovative methods, and Steven’s diverse educational and employment histories combined with his passion for music gives him a unique perspective. Steven holds a B.E.Sc in electrical engineering from Western University, an MSc in microengineering from the EPFL in Switzerland, and has several years of experience as an engineer in industry, working mainly with renewable energy in Denmark. Steven is a published scientific researcher, having received a PhD in neuroscience at the EPFL in Switzerland, and has carried out research in both the university and hospital environments. Importantly, Steven has spent substantial time working with patients with a broad spectrum of neurological and sensorimotor impairments, which inspired his work at MWB to circumnavigate potential barriers between eager artists and making music. As a disabled person, Steven has a deep understanding of how powerful and transformative opening new avenues of expression can be, and is eager to help facilitate that experience in others.

Tim Bhatnagar

Tim Bhatnagar Director

Tim Bhatnagar joined Music Without Barriers in September 2013 and has provided his Biomechanical Engineering expertise and academic knowledge to facilitate musical opportunities. Tim’s focus is on the practical application of assistive and adaptive technologies to facilitate each person’s experience creating music in new and innovative ways. While accessible and adaptive musical technologies exist, interfacing the technology with the user is often a unique process; Tim's goal is to integrate new and existing accessible technologies into MWB, in order to provide the maximum enjoyment for aspiring artists. Tim holds a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics. Tim PhD thesis work at the International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries (ICORD) at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC facilitated extensive interactions with spinal cord injury (SCI)-afflicted patients, both in regard to research programmes, as well as inter-personal conversations. From his role at ICORD, Tim has become very passionate about focusing his work on benefits to end-users and bring this outlook to MWB.

Lorin MacDonald

Lorin MacDonald Director

For over two decades, human rights lawyer Lorin MacDonald has demonstrated her leadership, passion, and commitment to accessibility and inclusion in her volunteer and professional activities, all informed by her experience as a woman living with a severe to profound hearing loss. Lorin garners much respect for her advocacy work due to her cross-disability approach. She has been featured in three Government of Ontario videos about accessible hiring practices, the importance of accessibility in the lives of people with disabilities, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The YouTube video "Day in the Life of Lorin" has received over 4,000 individual views and is cited as a positive message for all. Recognized as one of Canada's top voices in building awareness of accessibility and disability issues, Lorin's approach is grounded in evidence-based research and a desire to challenge communities to be inclusive and accessible. With unending optimism, she perseveres against unfavourable odds to ensure people with disabilities have an accessible community in which to live. Through education, Lorin continually strives to ensure those who may be uninformed or unconscious of the barriers experienced by individuals with disabilities are equipped with the tools necessary to create inclusive communities for all. Lorin lives in Toronto and has her own law practice focusing on disability discrimination, particularly as experienced by children.

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