What We Do

We work with aspiring Artists with disability, their families and their support network to identify their musical interests, what music they want to make, and what their barriers are. The dedicated team at Music Without Barriers then figures out what technology we can use to smash right through those barriers and make some incredible, high quality music all lead by the Artist.

We believe that the technology exists to overcome any barrier, and if the technology doesn’t currently exist, it can be created. No matter what the Artist’s barrier, Music Without Barriers believes that by bringing the right people and the right technology together we can smash through any barrier to unlock a wealth of creative potential for the world to enjoy and be inspired by. We work to make these connections happen, to facilitate collaboration between the people and technology involved and to support the process of creating high quality music.

But it doesn’t stop there! Music Without Barriers believes these stories of people smashing their barriers to create something incredible need to be told and this music needs to be heard. We work with the artists, their families and their support network to promote the work we do together so that the world can be inspired to help others make their own music. Everyone has a song – let’s help the world to hear it!

How We Are Doing It

Music Without Barriers worked with a young boy with non-verbal cerebral palsy that wanted to sing and wrote his own lyrics, but didn’t have technology to express himself in song. Working with his family and support network Music Without Barriers brought this Artist into the studio for a recording session with the speech enablement device he did have. Using innovative vocal analysis software MWB was able to smash his barrier and allow him to sing in a way he couldn’t before.  

How we are making these types of stories possible:

Step 1: Connect

It all begins with a connection between Music Without Barriers and an aspiring artist with disability.  This happens through family, friends, or the support network around the individual that wants to make music.  Please contact us if you are interested in working with us!  Music Without Barriers works to understand what type of music the artist wants to make, how they want to make it and what their barriers are to doing this.  From there, Music Without Barriers reaches out to our community of musicians, artists, producers, engineers, technologists, support workers and dedicated volunteers who want to help with the objective of connecting the right people to the right technology so that the artist can make the music they want.

Step 2: Collaborate and Create

This is where we truly smash barriers!  Music Without Barriers aims to provide a space and a focus for our Community to thrive and Collaborate. Let’s say a teen who has quadriplegia wants to make their own album: In the studio, app developers can partner with accessibility technology companies to create a new type of instrument. Musicians from our community can then work with the teen to find ways to record the new instrument, as well as encourage and inspire the use of the instrument. Music therapists and professional clinicians can then share knowledge with educators and create new music teaching methods for schools. By providing both a space to collaborate, and a focus to work, the Music Without Barriers community can help to achieve groundbreaking discoveries in a variety a fields.

Step 3: Community

Be inspired!  We want the world to know about the amazing things that our community is creating. In fact, we think the world should hear what music is being made, and how it was made possible. Through the MWB Community, Music Without Barriers aims to share each project’s story with the world. This can be through concerts, online promotion, album sales, media coverage – anything to give everyone the chance to shine. Through the awesome music made, Music Without Barriers raises awareness to anyone with barriers, and lets them know that together we can smash it, building a world where every family and individual has access to making music.

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