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Keep voting for the Studio Without Barriers! #mobilestudio

Share to make the numbers climb!

3700 votes! Keep sharing!

Now at 3,700 votes.

We are slowly pushing the votes up, but we can do better!

If you have voted, please share the link below and have friends colleagues, and family vote too!

A Music Without Barriers Mobile “Studio Without Barriers” can power amazing, beautiful moments and foster so much creativity.  But only if we can make it a reality.

If everyone that voted so far had 10 friends and family vote 18 votes to the Studio Without Barriers, we’d break the thermometer graphic!

If you have been labeled with a “disability”, or know someone who has a disability, and you have seen how music can help transform their lives, then vote and share the Studio Without Barriers project!

Here’s how to vote:

1-     Visit our project page and VOTE

2-     Register through Facebook or by email

3-     Cast your 18 votes for Music Without Barriers

4-     Ask your network to do the same by sharing this link (copy then paste):

And a reminder on how the Aviva Community Fund contest works:
Projects with the most votes will qualify to move on to the next round and will be one step closer to our funding goal of $100,000.

As always, keep checking in at our blog (here) as we update our vote thermometer.  Together, let’s push the votes higher!

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superfriendsKeep voting for the Studio Without Barriers! #mobilestudio

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