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Turn your Jeans into an Instrument! – Smash Barriers Tech Spotlight

When I was a kid, my Dad used to make these awesome mix-tapes for long car rides. What I remember as fondly as the eclectic mixes of Rolling Stones, Jean-Michelle Jarre, Stevie Wonder and Queen, was the way my Dad used the steering wheel and dash as his personal conga kit. He would tap out these crazy but groovy rhythms with his hands, and I remember him just being in the moment – enjoying every beat.  I guess the apple didn’t fall from the tree. Today, I pretty much tap beats on anything.  I suppose that’s why I took a liking to beat boxing, hand drums, the cajon and I have to shout out the Roland Handsonic too.  Even on the subway, I jam on my jeans in order to be in my own moment.  But what if I could make my jeans an instrument? If every finger could be a drum stick, if every tap could express what’s happening in the drum circle of my mind? And what possibilities would that unlock for anyone who is unable to play traditional instruments? 


Smash Barriers Tech drumpants

Drum kits rock, but imagine being able to put them in your pocket… literally!

Enter DrumPants, the sensor pads that turn you into a walking instrument. Truly, the possibilities seem endless in how these could empower any artist into creating their own rhythm-scape.  More importantly however, is the potential DrumPants and sensors like this could have in people performing both in the studio, on stage, and in everyday life. Tappur is currently working on accessibility solutions for the sensors. This could add new dimensions to the way people interact with their environment. Communication in music and in life? We at Music Without Barriers say “YES PLEASE”! Check out this awesome article on how this tech can smash barriers and let it inspire you. Turn your jeans into an instrument, a voice, the producer of your own laser light show and even give you new possibilities at interacting with the world! That’s how you #smashbarriers.

Adrian MoodyTurn your Jeans into an Instrument! – Smash Barriers Tech Spotlight


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  • Jeremy - September 27, 2015 reply

    Nice blog AJ. I’m glad the music spirit has seeded and flourishes in you. The technology not only allows us to access musical links but seems to make it possible for the interaction with and the expression of music that has until recently only been the domain of the fortunate and gifted few. MWB can be a major part of this evolution due to your vision, hard work and your commitment and that of your most gifted team. .J.

    Adrian Moody - October 27, 2015 reply

    Yup – there’s a lot of ways for people to now access music in ways that are so far from traditional. It’s inspiring to see someone become liberated when you smash barriers that existed between those traditions and their unique ability.

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