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The New Way You Can Help Smash Barriers

its podcast time

Happy New Year everyone!

I guess that’s a little late, isn’t it? Well trust me that we haven’t simply been sitting around over the holidays, stuffing our faces with Turducken. Even our volunteers have been hard at work stoking the Music Without Barriers engine.  In fact, I give you “Smashing Barriers”, our very own Music Without Barriers podcast. This is a podcast that shares stories that promote the power of music, co-developed by Ashley Kurkjian, Adam Haines and myself. I really want to give a MASSIVE shout-out to Ashley for working so hard in putting together our first pilot episode.  When developing the idea, Ashley and I decided to start simple: find a local artist and interview them on their music and discover their path to making it happen.  In future podcasts, we hope to spotlight even more artists, stories, parents, teachers, therapists – anyone that can speak on the power of music.

So check out the first pilot episode, and keep your eyes out for future casts.

Make sure you connect with us if you want to be interviewed on the show, if you have a story or music you’d like us to share, or even if you know someone that you’d like to hear on the show.

Thank you again to Ashley Kurkjian for making this all possible!


Adrian Moody – Co-Founder and Executive Director of Music Without Barriers.


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Adrian MoodyThe New Way You Can Help Smash Barriers