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Smashing Barriers Concert Spotlight: ONE WEEK TO GO!

Hey guys! Ash here, delivering another podcast blast to kick off your weekend!

As mentioned before, this is where we tackled the BIG questions – we discussed our motivation involved in staying in the music industry as well as finding that balance between being technically proficient on our instrument and eliciting an emotional connection while we play! It was a load of fun to record this whole interview, so we hope that you enjoy the ride along with us!

As always, if you have a story to share with us, don’t hesitate to reach out! Shoot us a message at and we will find a place for you on the podcast. We will be wrapping up our podcast blast series on Monday (March 7), where we’re going to chat about the barriers that we’ve had to break down in our journeys so far.

Thanks again for joining us and see you next episode! Keep on smashing barriers :)


ALSO! We hope to see you at the Burdock March 9th! See our Facebook event for more details.

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Ashley KurkjianSmashing Barriers Concert Spotlight: ONE WEEK TO GO!