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5 Year Old with prosthetic hand delivers major-league pitch!

Dear Music Without Barriers Community,

With baseball playoffs not too far off – and because the Blue Jays are kicking butt 😛 – I wanted to share this awesome story of Hailey Dawson, and how she loves to #smashbarriers. 

 Hailey was born with Poland’s syndrome, a rare condition that requires her to use a prosthetic hand. But it totally doesn’t matter to Hailey – she wanted to pitch at a “big Orioles” game (her brother plays little leage for the “little Orioles”), and with some help from her dad and the Major League Baseball community, that’s what she did! 

Hailey Dawson flexing

The Next Cy Young hopeful!

These stories are right up my alley because they are examples of how we can smash barriers with the ingredients of community support, new technology, and a hell of a lot of passion!  3D printing allowed Hailey and her family to purchase a versatile yet inexpensive prosthetic (more info here); Hailey’s love for baseball inspired her Dad to reach out to the Baltimore Orioles who, in turn, thought the idea was a home run!

I hope this inspires you and yours to think about the possibilities that exist to smash all kinds of barriers. Do you have any stories like Hailey’s? Can you imagine ways that we could use 3D printing to help people smash music barriers? Comment below!  

Check out Hailey’s full story here:

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Adrian Moody5 Year Old with prosthetic hand delivers major-league pitch!

MWB hits a high note thanks to Humber benefit

Music Without Barriers’ first-ever benefit concert was a big success.

Humber College’s Saxophone Quartets and University of Toronto’s Stereoscope Saxophone Duo teamed up on April 21st to raise money and awareness for MWB’s cause: to give a voice to artists by enabling them to create music regardless of any physical or cognitive disabilities.

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superfriendsMWB hits a high note thanks to Humber benefit

Music Without Barriers’ New Years’ TV Special

We have some great news to share!

Music Without Barriers has been selected to air on Global News as part of their year-end “Making A Difference Holiday Special”. Each year Global News chooses eight of the best stories featured by anchor and producer Susan Hay on her Global News Hour segment. We couldn’t be more thrilled for this great honour!

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superfriendsMusic Without Barriers’ New Years’ TV Special

Featured Story: Birth of an Artist

The story of Joseph Spahn-Vieira and how he found his music voice.

Guest Post by Kevin Vieira

Growing up in a house full of music, instruments, and frequent trips to the theatre to watch his sister and brother sing, my son Joseph comes to music honestly.

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superfriendsFeatured Story: Birth of an Artist