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Madison Tevlin defies statistics and inspires the world.


Hi everyone. It’s time to be inspired!

Not too long ago, a colleague here at Music Without Barriers forwarded me this awesome Huffington Post Story:

I’m a little late to write about Madison Tevlin, but believe me that all of us at Music Without Barriers have been following this story since the original article.  Young Madison Tevlin has recently made – or rather is making – viral waves on Youtube and TV with her awesome cover of John Legend’s “All of Me”.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Check it out here:

As stated throughout the video and throughout literature about Down Syndrome, it is extremely difficult for an individual with Down Syndrome to sing.  Some say it’s impossible.  Ahhhh, there it is; the word that keeps a fire under our butts here at Music Without Barriers: “Impossible”.  Madison is smashing these statistics by showing that a lot of hard work and passion can overcome any of these statistics.  What I love about Madison’s story is that the nature of it is simple: she loves to sing and nothing was going to stop her from doing it.  She had a desire to do what she loved and pursued it. With the help of her own dedication and a vocal trainer, she wound up not only singing for an audience online – that totals over 6 Million (and growing) – but she has also inspired many around her to pursue their dreams.

This year, Music Without Barriers, in collaboration with other professional musicians, is making an album with artists like Madison in the hopes that their music can inspire the whole world to break their own barriers.  But we need help in connecting to more artists like Madison!

We’re going to try hard to feature Madison on our album, so if you know her or others like her that want to share their music with the world, e-mail us at:

Or tweet us: @nomusicbarriers

Finally, don’t forget to catch our Facebook page with info and news here:

Together, everyone can have the chance to be star and we can inspire others to do the same!

Adrian Moody

Co-Founder, Music Without Barriers

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superfriendsMadison Tevlin defies statistics and inspires the world.