Music: Universally Inclusive.

We envision a world where everyone can make music.


Our mission is to build a world where everyone with disability can make high quality music.  We are doing this by facilitating collaboration between aspiring artists with disability and a community of musicians, artists, technologists and disability support personnel who want to help.  The end result:  the aspiring artists with disability are empowered, their quality of life is improved through an integrative social experience and we are helping to give a voice to an often overlooked and underfunded community.

What We Do

We work with aspiring Artists with disability, their families and their support network to identify their musical interests, what music they want to make, and what their barriers are. The dedicated team at Music Without Barriers then figures out what technology we can use to smash right through those barriers and make some incredible, high quality music all lead by the Artist.

How We Are Doing It

Music Without Barriers worked with a young boy with non-verbal cerebral palsy that wanted to sing and wrote his own lyrics, but didn’t have technology to express himself in song. Working with his family and support network Music Without Barriers brought this Artist into the studio for a recording session with the speech enablement device he did have. Using innovative vocal analysis software MWB was able to smash his barrier and allow him to sing in a way he couldn’t before. No matter what the Artist’s barrier, Music Without Barriers believes that by bringing the right people and the right technology together we can smash through any barrier to unlock a wealth of creative potential for the world to enjoy and be inspired by.


  • These are a talented group of people whose hearts and minds work in concert to bring real possibility to a person’s musical potential regardless of  their physical presentation.

    Paul Alcamo, Teacher – Recipient of Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Listening to my son make music with Music Without Barriers was a moment where everything changed. I had never heard anything like it before. In an instant, a world of possibilities opened up.

    Kevin Vieira, Parent